Hello sweeties,

In case you missed out on my announcement the other day, I'm adding this post to redirect everyone to the new website By Ruxandra - you can follow me there for daily outfits and more awesome things

Thank you for all your support and hope you'll find this change good and productive ! :)


Hi guys,

So basically this is going to be the last blogpost here. Starting tomorrow I'm officially "moving" on my website, By Ruxandra - you can follow me there for daily looks and much more ! 

Change is always a good thing.. I don't see myself living in Brussels forever, so I thought I should adapt as such.

Hello ladies and gents,

I seem to be on a roll here... daily outfits, daily posts and lots of work on the side. Sometimes I feel like a robot, especially because I did not took a day off in weeks now. How do you cope with work?

As per usj, I'm back with a brand new outfit post. The dress isn't that new, being already worn and maybe you saw it on my Instagram.

I decided it needed it a better presentation. Why ? Well, just look at how amazing it is and you'll understand :)


Hi sweeties,

So I'm gradually building up my new site and I'll be officially changing to it quite soon. You can already check By Ruxandra ( my new name as well because help me God, I won't be living in Belgium for the rest of my life, so I thought a change was imposed).

Even as we speak, all my content is being moved and my travel page is being improved with more awesome photos and tips from the trips I had made, but never had the chance to write more about that.

Hi peeps,

Wow, I've been on a crazy work rush lately... I cannot even tell what day it is; I have to think a little first. 😅

I do feel quite tired and in the meanwhile, I'm also trying to organize the new trip this summer, as well as the new website. Yup, the new website is up and running and most of you picked up on that. It's going to include also more of my travel experiences and many more awesome things...

Hi sweeties,

I'm thinking about starting the week on a good vibe, even though I'm very disappointed in a lot of things lately. A package of mine is marked as "delivered" by bpost ( the Belgian post ), but I did not receive anything. The things inside? Well, quite expensive...and not to mention dear to my heart as I was eager to receive them...

Hi sweeties,

How is the weekend going for you all? I found myself today, Sunday, with the weekend almost over and I didn't do much. I have this fatigue inside so I slept most of the time these days. 

Recharging your batteries is a good thing, especially if you're a crazy workaholic like me ! :)

Meanwhile, I have a lovely outfit for you today. This time I tapped into a more "hippy" style, but with a modern twist as usual.

Hi guys,

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? For instance, me, I have songs stuck in my head during sleep and when I wake up, they are still playing lol. Do you know what "cure" is for that ? You have to listen to the song again, like in reality. :) it's crazy ! 

So I today I woke up with Bodyrockers - I like the way - thus my article title.

Hello sweeties,

I know it may be late, but it's officially the weekend so I just had to do a post about where you can eat this weekend. I have an amazing place to recommend: Resto Clash. 

It's at about 28km from Brussels, but it's worth the trip. Personally, I never would have expected such a big restaurant.. and the terrace is freaking amazing. 

Of course that the interior decoration counts as well. You have this rustic style with a modern twist.

Hey sweeties,

How is your day starting ? ( or maybe ending if you're in another part of the world... )

Mine has started good. It's so difficult not knowing how to organize everything and how to fit everything in my schedule even though I'm working 24/7.

Sometimes it can be very dangerous to be passionate about your work because you cannot seem to stop what you're doing. You become a workaholic. I'm afraid I'm also on the verge of becoming that as well...