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Banques - a way to have money,but not really!

As the years passed and technology has evolved ,modern society has know a safe way to keep its money safe -meaning banks! 
Today that notion is gone!your money isn't safe anymore cause a wide variety of people are now much evolved than the outdated banking systems!People are more and more afraid of keeping the money in the bank.
And last but not least the dreadful system of the client service is getting of people's nerves. You can open a bank account,but still have problems after ;either if it's a "problem" with you documents or a motive that only they know ,in many cases you don't even have notice that your card is blocked and they do stay a lot to "resolve" the problem.They always have holidays or just are very lazy when it comes to promptitude !
The thing is that in many countries you have to have a bank account,they are really begging to do everything with banks and if you ,for instance,  want to take your salary in cash,you cannot cause it has to go through the bank!
It's horrible how banks are taking over our lives and for what?To suck as many money as possible!!You want to open a bank account?- you need to pay! You need to withdraw money?-you have to pay fees or if the withdraw is over a certain amount you have to have a liable reason,imagine that ! You need to do a bank transfer?- you have to pay commission! Is your bank account blocked without your notice or you have any other problems?-no problem,it's not their fault..BUT you pay to have problems with your own money!
It's madness!! are we always the puppets of the stupid laws ?Is freedom of having something we earn such an exceeded subject?
I don't know of the American system,but European banks and systems had began to really take over our lives and really make us dance as they sing!
How much can we endure ?


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