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Cyprus - Aphrodite's island

Another place where I went is Cyprus..I went there at the end of August,so it was very hot!and when I say HOT I really mean it!! It was like 46-47 degrees during the day and at night the temperature was something between 30-35 I think..Lucky me that the hotel room had air conditioning ..the hotel was old ,in a british style,but clean and had nice staff!
As you know ,Cyprus is divided in two- not officially ,but the northern part belongs to the turkish people and the south is inhabited by the greek speaking Cyprus people (don't worry,they also speak english as Great Britain used to own the island in the past..but I'm not gonna go into history ;) )
I was in the southern part..stayed in Larnaca. I must say before I get any further that every country and every place has its own unique beauty and it impresses you always with something new!
In Cyprus I felt a more history connection..a connection with the Hellenic culture that lays here..I'm a fan of greek mythology and you can really feel that "protection of the Gods " in your stay there..that endless beauty,that burning sun..those magical nights when you can hear the greek music from the boats in the harbor..

And if that doesn't convince you,then the crystal waters and magnificent caves of the region Ayia Napa will!!!

For tips of what to do there I would recommend :

        1. Renting a quad and going for a drive in the desert (don't worry ,you have a great road to drive on) and go to Capo el Greco from where you can see the lovely blue lagoon. Also you can drive around and take advantage of the wonderful landscapes 

       2. Another fun thing to do is going to the Camel park of Mazotos. It's a bit far from the can either take a bus or a taxi,but I guarantee it's super fun!you can actually take a ride on the camels and take pics with the animals .To end the day ,you have a great restaurant at the end of the park  


         3. If you like mythology and history, you have Apollo's temple and most important ,the "star" of the island- Aphrodite's birth-stone, and no,it's not a shell like in Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" painting. You also have some archeological sites and places loaded of history..Actually Cyprus is a living history as locals can tell you stories of how they have been kicked out of their houses and forced to leave their lands because the turkish people occupied the northern part of the island very brutally,leaving innocent people out on the streets.It's really sad.. 


  Cyprus is a fabulous destination if you want to enjoy a hot sun, superb waters and clean beaches!Also the club life is always high ,mostly in Ayia Napa. And either you take boat tours with fishing in the Mediterranean sea or snorkeling , or whale and dolphin watching; it makes a great vacation for family,for a group of friends or for a couple!

      For more infos ,you can just leave a comment or something and I'll gladly help !  
     Thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to check out the deals on my page!


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