Special event deal!

 Every girl dreams of wonderful long nails,especially long nails done in a special way!

 Sadly our day routine doesn't allow us to grow them to long and even if we do ,it will be so hard to do our household chores ...
 But don't worry if you're planning to attend a special event! The answer is fake nails! yes...that superficial method we all resort to when we have to go out and have long lovely nails!

 I found a great deal at Claire's ! They have so many styles ,it was so hard to choose!

 I went for this model..I found it more apart..and plus you will wear them 1- 2 days (at least that's what I'm planning on !) ..

 They come in a 24 nails package with glue and an applier ..it's the first time I resort to fake nails just to try it!I hope they won't destroy so much my nails. Anyway ,for 5 € I find them really nice!


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