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DIY : Fringe army style top

Hy, guys! So today I have a special post !
I've been working on something these last couple of days..See even since I was a little girl, I always made clothes for my dolls even though they had their own from the producer. Seems that I wanted something new, pretty that it would have my touch!
And last week I saw a plain top, a see-thru blouse actually and I thought that would look awesome styled a little; so I took it ! It didn't cost a lot.. 3 euros or something like that ! But I thought it had potential, just like you can make aluminum from bauxite :)
So here it is, my raw material! :)

So I began...I have more shoots and also , if you'd like to know how I've done it, you can message me and I'd gladly explain ! :)

So here is what it came of it ! I have used it on my outfit of the day :) .
Here it is :

What I wore :
- F21 cuffs
- Christian Louboutin pumps
- DIY fringe army style top
- leather pants 

I don't know if you like what I've managed to do, but I'd like to hear all of your opinions !!
Also, if you'd like pointers on how I've done it, just ask and I'd be happy to tell you !
Hope you enjoyed my post !


  1. God job!! With the leather pants it look amazing on you!

    1. Thank you very much ! I'm happy that my first DIY has turned out good :)

  2. Great fringe top & blog! Found you on IFB. Your newest GFC follower...;)


  3. Okay, this is so cool and sexy!

    1. :) I made a naughty top LoL ! :))
      Thank you :*

  4. Fabulous diy!!!

  5. wow i really really like it!!

  6. where did you buy the shirt and the fringe?

    the outfit looks lovely.



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