Friday, September 28, 2012

Black as Sin

Hey sweeties!
Hope you had a great week! I didn't had such a nice day...sometimes when you stumble upon people who just don't think or act without thinking of others, just ruins your day ! I was so furious this morning.. I just hate people who say something and do exactly the opposite !
My good news for the day, that really has soften me, was my feature on The Urban Lioness 's blog which I love! ^^ I'd like to thank her for cheering my day and just say it's an honor to be in her blog!
Returning to fashion, I'd like to show you my outfit of the day

What I wore: 
- Mango jeans
- Mango blouse
- Sfera purse
- Bershka heels and necklace

I wanted to buy something else to go with my blouse, but for the moment I'm featuring it more simple. I adore the blouse,it's absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of Dolce Gabbana's baroque inspired runway!
I chose this Bershka necklace to the outfit cause I really think it ads some "life", with all its starfishes and whelks .
Really hope you enjoyed my post and don't forget to check great deals on my page ^^


  1. That necklace is amazing! The whole outfit is so well put together, I love your header as well :D

    Julia x
    Carousel Secrets

  2. Thanks for the mention! Sorry you had a bad day:( It was wonderful featuring you! I hope we can do more collaborations in the future:) I really love this look, you look gorgeous!

    Keep in touch!
    --The Urban Lioness

  3. I love your blog and all your pictures. You are perfect! :) Maybe we can follow each other? Let me know if you want :)

  4. Love your outfit of the day, your shoes are amazing!

  5. I´m following you :) Thanks sweetie.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. The shirt is amazing and you styled everything so well. :)


  7. u look so lovely and its such a pretty necklace u have !
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If u want we can follow each other on gfc n bloglovin. Let me know.

  8. the shirt is really great, love the details on it!:)
    xx Kate

  9. Such a beautiful outfit. I Love your shoes and the blouse. So elegant


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