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Hello my sweets! I arrived home last night and I'm so tired! I was happy to find a nice temperature,which, they say, will go bad starting tomorrow..but I'll take advantage of today and go a little outside. I can't say I have missed Brussels, but when I see it sunny like this, I feel a nice walk is the cure for those long hours spent in the car!
Going back to "business", my outfit for the day is from Fox, a store in Romania that has the cutes thing for the girls who like comfortable stuff like jeans, shirts, printed tops, etc. If I wore to describe the shop it will be "girly sporty" style. My outfit that I chose from there was something simple so I can turn it a little in a more casual outfit.

What I wore:
- Fox jeans and top
- Zara heels

I really like the top " LA REVE D'AMOUR "( the love dream) ^^, thought was suitable for me as I live in a country were French is spoken. Fox store didn't let me down! I think the quality beats the price there! You can find so cute things; an affordable fashion for sure!
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  1. Lovely heels, following your blog. Where are those heels BTW?


  2. They are from Zara ^^
    Thank you so much !


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