Saturday, October 6, 2012

Obsessions of the moment

Good evening guys! I know it's Saturday night so probably most of you are out partying, but I didn't feel very well so I stayed at home tonight.
So I though I'd do a post of the things I like and I couldn't see myself without them. I call them obsessions of the moment :)
That way I can let you guys a bit into my daily routine, see what products I use and love!

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfection Touch is one of my favorites eye products that I use before applying my foundation. That and Mineralactiv ( the long opened tube), which is also for people who have eye wrinkles! It's really handy in usage and it has this really smooth, cold feeling when applying. 

Next on my list is this awesome face cream that I cannot live without. See I had another Vichy face cream before ( the AquaThermal one) and after that I had a lot of face creams, which were ok, but when I bought this one..oh, it's just like you find the perfect product. It's a great moisturizer made in France (FYI best beauty products are made in France and Swiss- in my opinion anyway), and it smells so good! So I totally recommend Idéalia by Vichy.

Going further, I would like to show you the most "indestructible" khol liner! I say that cause if you press when applied, you risk on wearing it even 2 days ! It's really nice, smooth and totally worth the price. You can find it at Maybelline.

Switching to Rimmel, here I have my old Kate Moss red lipstick that I've used a lot as you can see and which I'm very happy! It really gives you that "WOW" look, especially that red is so IN this season.

Moving on, I also have this red gloss from Yves Saint Laurent for a while now and I'd like to add that although it may seem that it dries on your lips so quickly, actually it stays shinny. It's one of my favorites glosses of the moment.

As for the nails "section", I recently discovered this amazing nail polish that really surprised me. Thing is I have a really difficult time when doing my nails. I always do something that spoils them just right after I finish- that's because they don't dry off as quick as it's marked on the label ( yes, I tried the Rimmel 60 seconds, but no good). So I managed to find this perfect nail polish at a store around here and it's awesome!! Totally recommend Essence nail polish. They have really cute colors, maybe in another post I'll show you.
So you have your nails done. Sometimes you do a dark red or purple blue..I don't know if I'm the only one who has this problem, but when I want to remove my nail polish, I end up having my skin finger colored in red or whatever.. Until I found something so amazing that it literally replaced the old nail polish remover! It's from Bourjois and it has this great system that leaves your nail clean and it also smells nice.

Ok so that being said, I really wish you a great weekend and if you like my bog, don't forget to subscribe and check great deals on my page.


  1. Hi,

    thank you for commenting and following my blog, and im sorry you dont like cheese, but I think you are lucky one 'cause you had chance to taste it! :))

    I'm also using Yves Saint Laurent lip, violet :)

    Great blog, and great style!

    Best regards,

    Luxury Life Design

  2. Hello Ruxandra, ran across your blog and it's so cute! I am following you on twitter and I hope we can also follow each others' blogs. I love that you show more European brands, as I am constantly looking for good skin care and makeup products to try. I hope you get a chance to check out me and my sister's opinions on some American products :)

    Stay pretty xo

  3. A few very nice products here!

    Am now following on you Twitter and Liker on FB!

    Would you mind to do the same? Thks so so much in advance!

  4. I like Vichy and Clarins. But the red YSL is amazing.

  5. Red lipstick is every lady's must!BTW, would love for you to check out my blog as well!

  6. my god ! i love the red YSL lipstick , is perfect *.*
    i wwaaaaaant ^^

  7. love that lipstick!


  8. I love the YSL lipstick x

  9. Love the red lipstick. Perfect color.

  10. I love YSL!!

    Check our blog and maybe we can follow each other? Let us know!

  11. Hello girl! I like your blog and I´m following you now. Hope you will follow me too!

  12. Wow! I love the products! Thanks for the post:)

  13. Great product finds! I love love that red lipstick.



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