From my Birthday

Hello dears!
I know that today I supposed to have an outfit post prepared, but unfortunately the rain that poured all day had another thought! So I'm just gonna share a few pics from my birthday, hoping you will forgive me!
One of the many inconveniences I had during the evening was that the dress I supposed to wear that night, didn't fit as well as I saw it did when I tried it on one week before, so I had to pick another dress from my closet :(. I was very upset cause my Karen Millen dress is still hanging in my wardrobe, waiting to be taken at the tailor.
So here you have some pics and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do an outfit post!

Bonjour mes chéries!
Je sais qu'aujourd'hui je devrais avoir un poste tenue préparé, mais malheureusement la pluie qui se déversait toute la journée a eu une autre idée! Donc je vais juste partagée quelques photos de mon anniversaire, en espérant que vous me pardonnerez!
Un des nombreux inconvénients que j'ai eues au cours de la soirée, c'est que la robe que je devrais porter ce soir-là, ne cadrait pas ainsi que je l'ai vu fait quand je l'ai essayé sur une semaine avant, donc je devais en choisir une autre robe de ma placard :(. J'étais très en colère parce que ma robe Karen Millen est toujours accroché dans ma garde-robe, en attendant d'être pris chez le tailleur..
Vous avez donc ici quelques photos et nous espérons que demain je serai en mesure de faire un poste de tenue!

Me and my friends at Atomium, Brussels

Moi et mes amis à l'Atomium, Bruxelles

I know I didn't post a lot of pictures, you can thank Google for that ;) ! Seems you have to pay everything nowadays .. even the pics you share on your blog! It's outrageous ! Maybe soon they will make  also our pics from Facebook payable...

Je sais que je n'ai pas posté beaucoup de photos, vous pouvez remercier Google pour ça ;)! Il semble que vous devez payer tout de nos jours .. même les photos que vous partagez sur votre blog! C'est scandaleux! Peut-être que bientôt ils feront aussi nos photos de Facebook à payer ...


  1. Happy belated birthday! You look gorgeous :

    xx Ellie 

  2. Gorgeous necklace ;)

  3. It's so disappointing not to be able to wear your favorite when you planned to! But the dress you did wear was gorgeous too and you styled it so well!


  4. Aw, sorry to hear you couldn't wear the dress you wanted to! That one still looks amazing! :)
    Oh, I had the same photo issue, what you have to do is just go onto your google account, find your Picasa web albums and delete the photos you don't want to have stored, it gives you a lot more storage space. Hope this helps!


    1. Yeah, but if you delete the photos in the albums, they will deleted from your blog as well :(
      Thank you so much for your support Haylie <3

  5. happy birthay¡¡¡
    nice dress¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  6. Gorgeous dress! You look fabulous. I know what it feels like when there's lots of rain....

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    Boy bought gift for His Girl friend-
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