Red Valentino dress

Hello, my sweeties !
We've come to end another week and now that the weekend is here, all we can think about is a little R&R and maybe going out a little. So, with that in mind, I've managed to put together a perfect outfit for a Saturday afternoon in the city ( I know it's still Friday, but I imagine it as an outfit for Saturday lol).. Now, I'm a lot about turning heads and sometimes I just feel like spoiling myself a little and putting on a gorgeous dress and some heels and just hit the town!
For today's outfit I have prepared a dress that is very very dear (and new) to me, a Red Valentino. My first actually clothing item signed by the famous designer! I found it at a incredible price while browsing this awesome online boutique that I've found, named Zalando .  I'm sure you must have heard of the store, I think it's in many countries and it has so much beautiful items that I simply adore and from time to time, you manage to find great promotions on luxury items! What's better than to afford a beautiful pair of shoes or a breathtaking designer dress that will make your night (or day)? I definitely recommend visiting and checking out their great items. They have a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories and clothes.. what can I say more? .. it's a lady's paradise ^^
So, without further ado, I bring you today's outfit

With the Groove of the day, of course:

What I wore:
- Red Valentino dress ( found it here)
- Christian Louboutin pumps
- D&G purse
- Sweet Deluxe bracelet ( find in another colour here)
- Pieces MIANNE earrings ( find them here

Yes, that's right, the accessories for this great outfit are also from Zalando online boutique. I found the perfect pair of earrings that in my eyes look like candy ^^, so cute and chic! Along with the leather bracelet, it makes a sublime colour touch to the outfit. I did my make-up in the same tone as well ^^. Hope you like it :)! 

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  1. Such a beautiful dress <3 you look gorgeous!

  2. so beautiful!

  3. The dress is perfect on you!! =)

  4. Hello from Spain: how fortunate that you could buy that beautiful Valentino dress. It's very nice. You look beautiful and elegant. Nice shoes. Keep in touch

  5. Love the dress! :) The shoes go perfectly with it. :) Thank you for your comment! :)

  6. Wow, this dress is absolutely perfect!! love it so much!

    Style Without Limits

  7. That dress is fabulous and you look stunning, love it :X :*

  8. Amazing dress! This bow on the back looks soo sweet :)

  9. beautiful dress!
    check out my latest post:

  10. The back of that dress! So gorgeous!

  11. wonderful dress *___*


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