Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Hi, guys!
First of all,thank you so much for your support. You are always so nice and attentive <3
I'm feeling better today. Although it had rained this morning, the temperatures are still very high and they've announced that the heat will go up the days to come all around Europe, so be sure to keep yourselves well hydrated and if you're lucky to go at the beach, wear sun lotion! Apparently the sun is very dangerous these days more than usual, so it can cause serious burns.
Anyway, here I am today with another lovely outfit. I hope you guys like it, it has a graphic vibe to it.

What I wore:

- Zara heeled sandals

- River Island skirt

- New Look top

- Bershka purse

- Twice as Nice bracelet

I was waiting for such a long time to get my hands on these great heels from Zara. Luckily that I've found them on Sale. The purse and the skirt were also bought on Sale. 

Long live the SALES <3

To bad that they are almost over...only 3 days remaining from next week :'(

Anyway, I4m happy with my purchases. I found a lot of items that I love and will be wearing them from now on, until the next Sales in January. Sure, if something really catches my eyes and I consider that quality-price is ok, I'll be sure to purchase it ^^

Oh, well.. still me.. shopping crazy lol

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  1. awesome skirt! :))

  2. wow! beautefull outfit:) fantastic top and skirt:)
    have a nice weekend:)

  3. loving the sandals! xoox

  4. love your sandals <3
    check out my latest look:

  5. great outfit!

    i follow you now on google + and I hope you visit my blog too :)

    greeting from cologne :)

    1. Amazing look!! v cool!

      New post!


  6. This is so wonderful! I love your heels.

  7. This looks really amazing!
    and especially your hair looks so good! you should wear it more often like this!



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Thank you for your lovely comments! And from now the word verification is up due to spamming ...
I hope you will visit again my blog :)

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