A lot of Abu Dhabi Do

Hi, guys!
Well, you probably know the title as a movie line from Sex and The City 2, when Miranda said to the girls: " We've got a lot of Abu Dhabi to do.. Abu Dhabi Do ! ". Oh, I simply loved that movie... definitely one of my favorites and felt so sad when it all came to an end, but that's the thing in life: all good things come to an end, like my vacation will at the end of the week... Another couple of days after and I'll be parting for Belgium.. grey and rainy Belgium... 
But I still have some days left and I just want to take advantage to the fullest. Today I went to the city center, to the Abu Dhabi mall actually so I'd find something gorgeous for Wednesday. What's on Wednesday you ask? Well, you will just have to follow me social so you'd find out! :)
To the big city and capital of UAE, I wore this decent, yet fashionable outfit, inspired, of course, by Carrie:

What I wore:
- LiuJo sandals
- Louis Vuitton handbag
- Zara necklace
- Dress made at national romanian store 
- Hat from local store

Although the dress code is a bit more strict than Dubai, I still managed to find a decent outfit to wear in the city without disturbing anyone. When I travel, I try to respect and follow local customs. It's like when you are in someone's house, you have to respect their rules.
Loved the stores in the mall...so many and diversified. Pick out something from Victoria's Secret myself.
Well, that's all for today... time for sleep now ^^


  1. My friend made we watch that movie and I hated it. I prefer you in a white dress.



  2. Oh, I'm in love with this dress So deliate and so royal! You look fantastic! Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!


  3. love that film!! and love Emirates soooooo much <3


  4. lovely dress <3
    check out my latest outfit post:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3478

  5. You look fabulous! :)


  6. Hello from Spain: beautiful outfit. I like the pictures. Your journey is still fabulous. Enjoy. Keep in touch

  7. Aww adorable dress dear! ;)))

    NEW post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  8. Nos en canta tu estilo, nosotras tambien tenemos un blog, estamos empezando y nos ayudaría mucho que te pasaras.
    un besazo

  9. Oh yes, that movie made me dread going to Abu Dhabi. Though I am sure it must be an exotic place.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!


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