Autumn Dresses

Hello, my dears!
Autumn has really taken its rightful place in weather and I’m so sad that I’ll be no longer wearing light clothes, like tank tops and beautiful short dresses. I guess that one of my favorite clothing garments are dresses. I believe that a suitable dress can totally change your appearance . Looking on the bright side, there are some pretty cool dresses for fall as well. There are so many great sites that carry very nice ones. Browsing the Internet, I’ve found a couple of such online boutiques like Simons, Forever 21, ModCloth, etc., where I’ve managed to pick out some fashionable dresses for Autumn that I’d like to share with you guys.
- Forever 21 dress -

Sculpture Walk Dress

-Sculpture Walk Dress from ModCloth-

Cool autumn dress
- Simons color block dress-


Pretty in Pink

As you all know, I really like making collages on what I would wear. In my first collage I’ve used this wonderful color block sweater dress that isn’t just fashionable, but cozy for those cold autumn days.
Second collage features a long sleeve fine lace shoulder dress that is so delicate and in a trendy color as well. I find it perfect for going out. It’s decent, but at the same time the lace detail adds a sexy vibe to it.
The quilted shoulder sweater dress from the last collage is a perfect dress for a casual look. It can be worn with a denim shirt underneath and some nude ankle boots to add a cool vibe to the outfit. 
Come to think of it, from all the sites, I guess that Simons really has beautiful autumn dresses, don't you think so?
Oh, well, we have to make the most of every season and try to find new things to wear and new outfit combos to mix and match.


  1. Love the first dress. :)

  2. Lovely outfits, so girly and fabulous. xx

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