Friday, September 6, 2013

Girls of Summer

Hi, guys!
Here I am today with another outfit post. Even though it's September here in Romania, during the daytime you can still wear light clothes, which makes me very happy as I kinda packed 80% summer clothing. 

Sadly, my trip to Thailand was canceled, but I'm still going to a great destination! Can you guess where?
Here's a line from a movie ( that's not The Wizard of Oz), as a hint:
" Oh, Toto, I don't think where in Kansas anymore ! "

So, as you can imagine, today I had some errands to run, but I was happy that I was able to wear a skirt that I have from last summer :). I'm so excited when I find clothes in my old closet that I've totally forgot about!

What I wore:
- Stradivarius skirt
- Bershka corset 
- Motivi denim shirt
- Michael Kors handbag
- Guess sunnies
- Swarovski earrings, ring and necklace

So, this is the look I wore today... I try to keep a positive attitude although I really wished I'd go to Thailand... oh, well, maybe next year, right? :)
Sometimes things work out in the end...
But you stay tuned on my blog cause my new secret destination is really cool ! 
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I'm leaving at the end of next week, so I have a lot of time to post more incredible ootds ^^


Wanted to share this song that I absolutely love from Aerosmith ^^


  1. Perfect outfit!


  2. great Blog <3
    sure i would love to follow each other, just follow me and let me know so i can follow right back!

  3. You look perfect! I totally love this denim accent - fantastic ^^

  4. Beautiful!!!

  5. Hello from Spain: I'm sorry that you do not travel to Thailand. Another year!. I really like your skirt. You're very pretty. Keep in touch

  6. very light shade outfit but look great on you


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