Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm charmed

Hi, guys!
Wonderful day here in Romania, but you can already feel autumn in the air. With the new season comes new trends and new fashionable finds. For instance, I found this great online jewelry store called Charm Jewel, that is a global jewelry retailer with great deals on all its products.
And I know that what I’m going to say it will sound somehow crazy, but browsing through their site, I’ve learned that they are having a massive promotion! They are handing out FREE JEWELRY ( you just have to pay the shipping )! That’s right, who doesn’t love free stuff, right? :)

You can find detailed info on their site here. I think this is a way for their clients to really test a product before buying more. Personally, I think it’s a bold move, as they really have cute pieces among the promotion. 

This is definitely my top fave, as it is so delicate and it offers a big plus being FOR FREE! It’s perfect to add it as a key accessory to a simple elegant or formal dress, don’t you think so?

Another one that caught my eye is the star style gold assemble bracelet

Made in alloy , so it will last longer than usual jewelry, the gold pieces that compose the bracelet can give you a cool look when wearing something casual. 

They have as well a black leather cord necklace in the same free promotion. 

It’s a touch of rock to an outfit if you leave it simple, but it can be used as well as a cord for your pendants. It has adjustable round silver clasp, so you can make it a perfect fit just for you.
So, I just wanted to let you guys know about this site’s promotion. 
I think it’s really incredible that you can get free products whether they are clothing items, hair products or even jewelry.
Thank you for reading and I’ll keep you posted on other promotions I find !


  1. Wonderful pieces !

    XX Luba

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