Loup Garou

loup-ga·rou  (lg-r, -gä-)
n. pl. loups-ga·rous (lg-rz, -gä-r)
A werewolf.

[French, from Old French leu garoul : leuwolf (from Latin lupus; see wkwo- in Indo-European roots) + garoulwerewolf (of Germanic origin; see w-ro- in Indo-European roots).]

Or in other words, a main attraction at Walibi Park, where I went yesterday with my family ^^.
I remember this particular attraction called Loup Garous, hence today's post title... I can only say it was terrifying ...I'm not a big fan of roller coasters, but I just had to do it once in life, right? :)
I spent such a fun day at the park, as I wanted to take advantage of the Halloween set-up and many new attractions...it was a dream day, as you probably seen the magic end of it on my Instagram account ^^.
But let's get get back to fashion. The only "animal" in today's look is the print of my booties, leopard print that is. :) As it was windy outside, I simply knew that I had to put my hair up in a bun so it wouldn't be all over the place like it always does... :))

What I wore:
- Guess jeans
- Zara booties and bag 
- Jennyfer jacket
- Sacha sunnies

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  1. Love the leopard print on your feet
    XX Luba



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