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Sea of bikinis

Hi, guys!
This dreadful weather is just killing me... I hate the rain so much, you just could not imagine. Last week's post on Greece really made me nostalgic of beautiful weather and warm sea. I would like to go again in such a vacation and do you know what's the most important part when traveling on an island or somewhere sunny? A beautiful bikini!
I really wanted to make a special post for you, guys, so I thought to bring some sunshine in your homes and speak a little about swimwear. I've stumbled upon this terrific site where they have all sorts of great swimming garments (and not only that, but lingerie and a lot of other cool stuff). But today's post is about bikinis, so I'll stick to that :). Even the site's name is very catchy - Inner Desire . Sounds good, doesn't it?
Looking through the online boutique, I've found some wonderful swimwear, so I decided to make a TOP 5 to share with you.
We'll start, like in contests, with the last place.
 So, the 5th place is occupied by the Boho Green Bikini, or Camo, as I would call it. It's very cool, meant for a taught girl that has a boyish side. I would see myself wearing this on a Thailand beach, amongst the rocks and clear water.
I've arranged it in a collage to see what and how I would wear it.

Beach House

Number 4 is taken by Lisa Pleated Red Bikini fit for a nice, kind and calm girl that is always calculated and doesn't like to take risks even though it's in a red color. It has snake details that makes it unique, but in the same time keeping a simple look.

Together to the beach

In the 3rd position, I nominate the Sophie Embellished Bikini ( in Pink) . This set is very cute, just perfect for the Barbie type of girl. I believe it fits blondes and brunettes very well, having this great pink shade. What does it have special? Well, aside from the design, I must admit that the gold embellishment that holds the bandeau together is so eye-catching ! Just see for yourself :)

Beach time

And so we've arrived at the 2nd place! Curious? Well, to take the suspense away, I would want the Glamour Chiffon Bikini to take this position. It's the perfect piece for a business woman that at the same this has a sense of style and likes the finer things in life. If you feel like one, than this bikini is perfect for you.

Chica Beach

And finally, the 1st position belongs to Green Plated Bikini!
Who do I see wearing this?
Well, a boho chic, a free spirit, someone always joyful and happy
This bikini is so wonderful and colorful that it will suit you perfectly.

Love the sea

Which type of bikini is fit for you?

I really enjoyed writing this article and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thank you, Inner Desire boutique for such terrific swimming garments! Oh, and I love the special Swarovski Swimwear as well ( so worth checking it out!).With every purchase at from now till 30 November 2013, receive 15% OFF (Excluding items on pre-order basis)!Enter code: IDRUXANDRA15 at checkout.For more information, please contact

See you later!


  1. This pictures bring so much nostalgia about summer :(

    XX Luba

    The perfect office and after work look today on


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