Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First impression

Hi, sweeties!
If you haven't heard from me by now, it can only mean that either I didn't find any WiFi, either...well, let's not think about another sad possibility :)
Before living, I had received the first part of my package from Romwe which has pleasantly surprised me because when I receive things this part of me feels like I'm an editor at a magazine and have to choose the clothes and theme for the model. The funny part is that I am also the model, the hair stylist, the make-up artist, etc, so as you can imagine my excitement is always justified.
I guess we play dress-up with our dolls when we're young and actually never stop playing..
So here you have today, a mixed-up outfit that I find quite interesting for so many point of views.

What I wore:
- Romwe black pants ( find them here)
- Pimkie sweater
- Zara leather jacket
- Mango ankle boots and hat
- Zara purse
- Romwe earrings

So, this is the outfit that I bring for you today :). This is the perfect balance between a casual outfit and one all leather, so you have the best from both worlds: looking sexy, yet feeling comfy.
Hope you like it and if you're a new visitor, then I hope you come again ^^
P.S. Don't let the awesome contest from Damaris lingerie get away!! 
This is your chance to win the big £1000 voucher prize to spend at their online boutique, as well as other incredible prizes !
Just hit the photo below to be redirected.
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  1. Great outfit: stylish and casual, yet also very comfy. Those pants look amazing! I`m waiting for an order from romwe as well, I`m so excited!

  2. J'adoooore le look <3
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  3. Great. Look love it

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  5. Great pictures and a beautiful outfit! :)


  6. Hello from Spain: Nice outfit. I like the mini bag. Keep in touch


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