Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In the Morning

Hi, guys!
I'm officially stuck with a cold that is just awful... Guess it got the best of me, but I'm trying so hard to cure it until Friday as I have a major event that I have to attend to.
When I'm sick, I always try to concentrate all the pain into something constructive so the time would pass without realising it. On this occasion, I thought it would be wonderful to take some violin lessons (online lessons that is), as I received my Christmas gift earlier this year. ( Well, to tell you the truth, I was so ager to see what's in the wrapped box, that I broke my "no opening the presents 'till Christmas Eve" rule ^^). What can I say? I guess we're all children underneath it all.
I did manage, though, to get out of the house a little today, just to walk off the cold, to say so.
And what better way of curing yourself then to keep your head high as look as fashionable as you can? 
Maybe the fever was an excuse or it was just a pitch of well rested imagination, but today I did a lovely color combo: black and neon. I managed to buy myself this wonderful hat the last time I was in London. I believe it's terrific and it goes so well with my Udobuy dress, PersunMall heels and as a tech accessory, I choose to "dress"' my Iphone in a designer case from Inconemesis, feathery style :).

What I wore:
- PersunMall heels ( find them here)
- Udobuy dress (find it here)
- OMG Fashion jumper ( find it here)
- River Island hat
- PersunMall earrings ( find them here )
- Iconemesis Iphone case ( find it here

I can say that I'm really pleased with this combo and I do hope you will find it cool as well :).

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