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The girl with the green scarf

Hi, guys! I hope you are all having a great day and that you are prepared for the weekend to begin :). We finally had some sunny weather today and in between my work, collaborations and everyday life, I've managed to shoot some photos of the outfit that I wore today. I had a gruesome headache during the photo session, so excuse my grumpy face. I look like Despicable Me :)) (if you know the cartoon). Oh, and I was so happy that I got the chance to wear the other pieces of jewelry that I have from Bellast ( I spoke about the bijoux boutique in my last post here).

What I wore: - Zara sandals - New Look skirt - New Look corset top - Urban Outfitters bag - Zara sunnies -Bellastbracelet (find it here) - Bellastearrings (find them here)

I must add that both the rhinestone crystal bracelet and earrings are 18k gold plated, so you have a great quality at a great price! I think I'm not a big fan of colored stones, but I don't know... this emerald green has stoled my heart ! :) <

After the rain, it will shine.

Hello, my loves! Finally I have a little time to "take care" of my little blog. ^^ After seeing today Hangover III, an intense sadness has taken over me... you all know that I have a problem with this time passing by so quick.. I mean it feels like yesterday that I was watching the first part of the movie. Priceless ! We should really take advantage of every minute of our youth ! Now, they say diamonds are forever! But when we don't have $$$ to buy them, then we have a bit of a problem. So we reduce our search to something more affordable... that sparkles and shines, of course! Like a few days ago, I found this awesome jewelry site, entitled Bellast. Awesome necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. that are affordable and awfully cute! The best part is that they are gold plated, so they last a long long time...oh, and the shipping is FREE (worldwide!). I especially like their Tropical paradise collection, a must for summer I might add. But that's not the only special thing that…

Alexander Wang inspired caged shoes

Hello, my dears! I hope you are all having a great week and not to busy with work. :) I took a few hours off this afternoon to spend some time out, enjoying a quiet sunny afternoon ^^ Now I had a totally different look prepared for today, but when the package from Udobuy had arrived before leaving home, I knew immediately that I had to wear the beautiful sandals I've ordered, knowing that this nasty weather will come around.. and I was right! As I am writing to you, it started raining! Despicable weather... But anyway, I'm very glad that I got the chance to wear my lovely sandals... They are a good replica of the Alexander Wang caged shoes. I always loved those shoes... but hey, money doesn't grow on trees and I know that they aren't Wang, but I love them as they are... I can't wait to put on some tan so their white lines will look much cooler! Here you have the shots I did today and please, do excuse my legs.. I don't have pretty feet ^^

What I wore:- River Island …

Stripes and Fuchsia.

Hello, sweeties! Beautiful day here in Brussels.. sunshine, 18 degrees.. I just can't believe that a summer day is so rare here.. so, even though I had lots and lots of things to do, I took a few minutes off and shoot some photos :). But I have nothing glam for you today sadly.. just something more basic .. :). Oh, and I forgot to share with you some great news. My Valentine's look was featured in Germany, in My Best Brands magazine; the theme of the article was "Wear purple for peace day" ( you can check it out here). Anyway, really honored My Best Brands magazine, thank you! made me really happy ^^. Oh, and here are today's photos:

What I wore: - Pull& Bear pants - Zara heels - New Look top - H&M envelope bag

Love potion no 9

Hi, sweeties! I hope you had a great weekend. Seems like today I had a little spear time, so I was so happy to shoot something more special. Call it a Sunday Special lol. I didn't "wear' that bag that I made from quite some time now and so I though I'd "build" an outfit with it. ( see the DIY here). I've been re-watching Sex and the City, so I'm all in the Carrie "zone" today..she had some amazing outfits! Don't you agree?
Here's a song I like as well. It inspired me:

What I wore: - Forever 21 dress ( very similar here) - Zara coat - Yves Saint Laurent ankle boots ( similar, also from YSL here) - DIY Carrie Diaries purse ( see tutorial here)

Jezz, I do miss doing some DIYs... I'm sure gonna take an afternoon off and do something cool again. I was so happy that this cute bag had so much success ^^ Thank you so much for visiting my blog and don't forget to check out my closet as well. You can find some nice stuff that I'm selling at…

OOTD: Zara dress and Sacha shoes

Hello, my dears! I'm feeling better today... I stuffed myself with pills and everything, so little by little, I'm recovering. Luckily, we had a little sun today, so I thought to wear a dress from Zara that I've been having for quite some time now. The print on it reminds me of my grandmother's blankets, but I still think it's cute ^^.

What I wore: - Zara dress and blazer - Sacha shoes ( their webshop here) - Asos envelope bag - Forever 21 necklace

Well, this is my outfit that I wore today. It's nothing to fab cause sadly, the weather doesn't allow me to do awesome photos... But, don't worry! I'm sure that everything will be fine, summer will come and I'll have more free time to publish those fab creations that you are used to :). Don't forget to check out my closet, and also, join me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for always being such incredible people!  Kisses, R.