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Hello, my sweeties! Seing what's in most parts of Europe, including Romania, I could really consider myself lucky to have positive temperatures. And of course, I do feel really lucky to have my two best friends with me here for a whole week! For us, the party has started, tonight going a little in the club, the first of a weekend trilogy...three girls, three nights... EPIC! I did, thought, promise you guys to be still active on the blog and not neglect it. So, here I am, after two days off wearing a daring outfit, my piece de resistance being the Fiore tights, a must-have piece in your "tights-wordrobe". The "sweet' part of my look consists in my strawberries sweater from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO, very cool and very cozy ^^

What I wore: - Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweater ( find it here)  - Blanco shorts - Zara booties - Forever 21 handbag - Fiore tights ( Venus model, find them here) - Bershka jacket
So, this is what I wore today. Now I gotta go and get ready for today. Have a wond…

Love for Dresses - Get ready for Spring Edition

Hello, loves! I know that the big bad winter has took over many parts of Europe and also other of the Globe, but we have to stay positive and think that Spring will come, eventually. With the Sales season almost over, stores are gathering their new collections all carefully arranged on racks and I wanted to make a special post today for you guys, as I didn't quite make it to shoot my usual outfit for today. So, instead I thought to show you some eye-candy dresses that I believe to be really gorgeous and fitted for the season to come. I'll start off light, with some personal favorites from the category elegant prom dresses ( found here: ), from TBDress, an awesome online boutique with a great variety of dresses for all ages and tastes. 

For a sober look try this  - One Shoulder Floor-lenght Empire Waistline dress -

If you are the "princess" type of girl try the - Floor-length One-shoulder Dasha Gown -

Simple, yet chic look gaine…

Baby, it's cold outside

Hello, my loved ones! You know, it is actually very cold outside and I just found out that it's going to get even colder, which for me is a serious problem as I planned the next days to be in the company of my two best friends. Naturally, we plan to visit and party a lot, but I will promise that I'll try to keep up with my blog as well. Being the last days of Sales, I wanted to check out great deals and you know of course that my favorite closet item, shoes, are definitely my first choice when it comes to "hunting" down great bargains. I did find two pair of absolute stunning "pieces of art", as I like to call them. A pair of over the knee boots and a pair of ankle boots. Absolutely's all that I can say! I suggest you follow me on Instagram and check out my new "babies" ^^ And now, for the simple casual outfit I wore today...nothing to spectacular, but a cozy and comfy look ^^

What I wore: - Mango jacket - Mango jeans - Bershka booties

Faux Fur

Hello, loves! The weekend is finally here, yey !! ^^ I can't wait to go out a little tonight and have some fun at my favorite club. What are your plans for the weekend? :) This afternoon I went out a little in the city to buy some stuff for the house, so I took advantage to try out my new faux fur booties from Sammydress which are so gorgeous in all possible ways and I must add that they are perfect for people who aren't that tall, giving you an impressive height and at the same time making you look glamourous. Being so cold outside I didn't really match them that well, having to take a vest on top. But another awesome item that I've worn also for the first time is my skirt from Romwe that looks like a studio one, very cute which had to be high waisted but as I have the waist of a bee,  I had to lower it a little.

What I wore: - Romwe skirt ( find it here) - Zara sweater - Pimkie vest - Sammydress boots ( find them here) - PersunMall purse ( find it here
As you can see, th…

The Elegant Look

Hi, guys! I know that yesterday I didn't post anything so I would like to make it up to you today and share some pics of a lovely bandage dress that I have for some time now. It's totally perfect for a soirée at the restaurant or a get together at your company's evening event. :) My gorgeous blue dress is from Udobuy and it's really perfect for someone with an hourglass body shape. I don't have that much in the upper part of my body, but I managed to cover that flaw wearing a push up bra :).

What I wore: - Udobuy blue mesh splicing beaded sexy gown dress ( find it here) - Jimmy Choo sandals
I must admit that the first and last photo reveals the true blue color of the dress. Because of the light, the other pics make the dress look a bit purple. :/ Sadly, winter is close by and I couldn't go outside and shoot normal pics... I still hope you like the look though :). The design of the dress is so interesting and it's perfect if you're not the type to show your l…


Hello, loves! I don't know how's the weather where you are, but here there's a polar air that really brings you the impression that winter is right around the corner, which really brings me down a little honestly... Having booked my super vacation for the month of April, looks like I'll be staying in Brussels these winter months, so I decided to get some artificial sun meanwhile :). Will not overdo it though, promise !  Lately I've grown really found of dark colours, so it's no surprise that the outfit I wore today is practically all black, well, with a pop of color ( the bag). Having received my package from Front Row Shop really brighten my day. Front Row Shop is a great online boutique that keeps up with the latest trends, combining great designs (from actual designers) with good prices and excellent materials. The lace hem dress that I'm wearing today was so cool that it ran so quickly out of stock ! Luckily you can go to the site and set up a notificatio…