Saturday color scheme

Hello, my loves!
Hopefully you've enjoyed my last post on the Lumas Gallery in Belgium as much as I enjoyed my visit.
Now, it's back to our "old" fashion routine, where I share with you the outfit that I wore today. Since it's Saturday, I wanted to make an extra effort and put on a very astonishing bandage dress from Udobuy, that I find completely amazing and that you can style it in so many ways!

What I wore:
- Udobuy mixed color mesh bandage dress ( find it here )
- Bershka boots and jacket

After several days of rain, we've finally had some sun, well...more or less, but still, the fact that it wasn't raining really made my day :)
Plus that I was able to wear this gorgeous dress.. I can tell you guys that I don't have the words to describe how fab it really is. I can definitely tell that it will reign in my closet a long time...


  1. Your dress is so beautiful! I love this type of dresses because they really make you feel and look sexy! The only thing I can complain is that I haven't found one that's a bit longer, I'm dreaming to get one that's a bit over the knees...

  2. I love your look,kisses.

  3. nice dress!

  4. amazing dress ;)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Hello from Spain: your boots are fabulous. I like your dress. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  6. I like the boots and gorgeous style. You look amazing!


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