B&W Vday

Hello, my loves and a Happy Valentine's Day to you all ! ^^
Honestly I don't care that much for this day, or not anymore. I think that this day should be for the ones "in-love" more than for the ones "loving" each other. I believe that once the that the "in-love" state is gone, we are left with unconditional and simple "love", which basically means a stable relationship, with mutual respect and benefits, where you care for you better half and just have that tranquility you know... the fact that you can rely on him/her if something goes wrong :).
Anyway, that's the way I see this whole "love" thing... :D
Returning to the fashionable part of today's post, here is the outfit that I wore this afternoon, while getting out of the house after a very long stay in bed, under the covers, being sick and all...
I know it may seem a bit strange the outfit I picked for today, but I really hope you'll try to understand it.. :)

What I wore:
- BCBG Max Azria boots 
- River Island skirt
- WConcept Korea blouse ( find it here )
- Pimkie beanie
- Zara clutch

I hope the weather will improve and this nasty cold will go away for good.. -_-
Take care of yourselves and thank you for visiting my blog ! ^^


  1. I love those boots! And that skirt is gorgeous. Great outfit!

  2. Let me say that these shoes are so amazing! Oh...wait, I'm not thr 1st who says it. I'm not original in it but I'm a shoeholic so what can I do?))



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