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Hi, guys!
Remember when I said that spring is just around the corner? Well, forget it ! :) Today was so cloudy and cold outside, that I was harshly reminded that we are still in a winter month and so I must stop dreaming about my beautiful, sunny spring. Nevertheless, I've managed to do an outfit that really shows this feeling of mine, featuring my awesome sweater from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO.
The outfit is simple, casual and perfect for a cloudy day.

What I wore:
- Zara boots, denim shirt and leggings
- Mr.GUGU& Miss Go NYC sweater ( find it here)
- New Look satchel

I always dreamed about going to New York and hopefully will someday, until then I have this wonderful sweater keeping me company and wearing it simply drives me closer to my's like wearing a piece of art, you feel so attached to it ! xo
Well, I'm gonna leave you now... Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you around soon ! xo



  1. Great braid,
    wonderful sweater and sunglasses!

  2. love your hair!!! xx


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