Hi, guys!
I'm finally back from my awesome vacation and I'm full of energy, even though I managed to get a nasty cough along the way. But I'm happy to be back, at least to update my blog. I have so much catching up to do, but all in due time. I'll be covering my trip soon as well in a blog post ( hopefully next week), and I'll write one about Cape Verde also, as I saw that I didn't write an article yet.
Anyway, today was sunny in Brussels. The more reason to finally wear my zippered skirt and asymmetric wave print top, both from Romwe.
If you're wondering about the title, well, there's this amazing song I like. Here it is, maybe you'll like it too, in case you don't know it:

What I wore:
- Romwe asymmetric blouse ( find it here)
- Romwe zippered skirt ( find it here)
- Sacha wallet
- Zara shoes and sunnies

So, this is what I wore today. It's so nice to go out a little bit. Yesterday I had so many things to do around the house that I didn't left home. Fresh air is the best ! 


  1. <333 amazing post !!!
    you look gorgeous

  2. Wow gorgeous style !
    Biz Jeny

    Concours sur le blog * http://www.jenychooz.lautre.net/dotclear/index.php?post/2014/04/24/Concours-%3A-Bomb-Girl *

  3. Hellooo! Some time ago I knew your style thanks to Chicisimo, but not your blog!
    It's great! Now you have a new follower. ;)
    We also invite you to visit my blog and keep in touch if you want.
    kisses. V.

  4. Gorgeous styling. I love that top with the earrings. Perfect!


  5. lovely oenabn))
    Such a beautiful skirt))
    I`ll be happy if we follow to each other! Just let me know in my blog) Have a nice day!)

  6. Beautiful look and skirt! :)


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