Talk to the Zebra

Hi, guys!
Oh, I know that it's quite late for a post, but since I had a full day from morning 'till evening, I thought why not end it with some pics of the outfit that I wore all day today, and when I say all day, I mean from morning to night lol. But it was very comfy and I was so happy because it's the first time I tried some clothes out from , which are, btw, very cool and well designed ! The two-piece suit, with black overalls and a zebra t-shirt worked so nice with my graphic Zara heels.
But I'll leave the photos speak for themselves

What I wore:
- two piece suit, t-shirt and overalls ( find it here)
- Zara heels and clutch

Well, seing the hour I guess I'll be headin' for bed...
Hope you like this cute look though. It's perfect for the city <3



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