Hello, loves!
I had this feeling all day that this will be the last sunny day of this year and I don't mean it in a sun-on-the-sky kinda way, but like that beautiful summer day with no wind or cloud on the sky. That type of day that you just want to take advantage of and just stay outside 'till dawn. :)
This morning I had a few things to do, so having such a beautiful day, I wanted to dress amazing, and by "dress" I mean this gorgeous cutout peplum bandage dress from Celebindress and a pair of oldies, my Zara set from like 2010 maybe?

And here's an inspirational song of course:

What I wore:
- Celebindress bandage dress ( find it here)
- Zara heels and envelope bag
- Gucci sunnies

So, what do you think about this look?
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  1. Wow this outfit is so chiq, I really love it! You look stunning <3

  2. Darling, you look fabulous! :)
    I also fight with weather, so many summer looks I would like to show, and I have a feeling that it will not be possible anymore... miss summer already!

    visit me soon on

  3. very nice!!

  4. Love this dress, it looks amazing on you.

    xoxo, Diana

  5. So gorgeous! I love the detail along the waist. This is such a pretty look.

  6. love the dress and love how you accessorized it! beautiful look!

  7. Wonderful dress & bracelet!

  8. I love your dress :)) You look perfect :)

    Alice ♥


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