Hi, guys!
Oh, it's only now that I have a moment to breathe from my super busy day. I have so many on-going projects that I just can't seem to find some time for myself. Anyway, I did find a short break when I shoot today's outfit so I can share it with you guys.
My two-piece orange set from Amiclubwear has been sitting for quite awhile in my closet and I thought that today was the day I will finally wear it. To tell you the truth, it's a bit big from my actual size so that's why, probably, I have been avoiding to wear it. But hey, some days are more "looser" than others,, right? :)
Anyway, after I saw the pics, I thought that it would have been better to have a sporty approach on the look. But anyway, here's the final outfit:

What I wore:
- Amiclubwear two piece suit ( find it here)
- Pimkie shoes
- Mango purse
- Choies sunnies

So, how do you like the outfit?
Looking forward to read your comments:)


  1. Great outfit! Love the shoes!

  2. great look and amazing shoes !

    new post on my blog


  3. love it!
    Great the color on you girl



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