Hello, my loves!
I'm so very sorry for the lack of posts these last few days, but I was super busy. Hope it will all come to order in the nearest future. I just can't believe the time that's passing by so quick, before I know it, my birthday will come in november and I have nothing planned yet. 
Anyway, let's talk fashion! So the weather is still holing up great and today I want to show you a beautiful youthful mix that I find really nice. The cute strass dress and green bag, well come to think of it, it's more of a backpack I presume ( lovely nevertheless), are from VerySimple, my favorite italian brand that has really quality stuff and cool designs!
Here you have the lovely outfit of the day:

What I wore:
- VerySimple strass dress ( find it here)
- Zara wedges
- VerySimple backpack /bag ( find it here)

The bag has this vintage air, the kind of bag that I remember my grandmother having...with the crocodile effect with the patent leather, just a timeless classic right? All this in a modern design...really nice! :)
Hope you like today's post and don't hesitate to leave a comment with your honest opinion .
Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget to smile <3


  1. you look wonderful! I love this outfit on you

  2. Lovely outfit! Love those shoes!


  3. Love this outfit!
    You are so beautiful :)
    xx Katha


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