Peacock palette

Hi guys,
I swear, only in Belgium you can have all 4 seasons in just one day. As I'm writing, the sun is shining, knowing that an hour ago we had a "big bad" rain. Either way, I was too excited to finally get my organza panel suit jacket, as well as other goodies from Style Moi. Who is Style Moi you ask? Well, it's this awesome boutique that has so many great clothing garments, as well as bags and accessories that are so fabulous! 
I'm so happy to share with you this great outfit. The thing I like the most is that this combo of the deep v neck organza jacket and my strapless bra really does this effect of having a bigger bust, which is a big plus for me! The make-up is just divine and goes so well with my peacock drop earrings, also from Style Moi.
You can also style the jacket with long black jeans or leggings. I chose my suit shorts with high waist to have an harmonious balance.

What I wore:
- Style Moi strong shoulder organza panel suit jacket ( find it here)
- Mexton shorts
- Zara heels 
- Zara purse
- Style Moi drop peacock earrings ( find them here)
- TatooYou temporary tattoo( find it here)

So, I really hope you like my look. I believe the peacock feather tattoo really goes well with this look.
What do you think?
Thank you for visiting my blog nonetheless. 
Have a fabulous day!


  1. Stunning, you look so chic
    Love that jacket

  2. I love how detailed you are! You pay attention to every single detail. So unique♥
    Lakshmi in Trance

  3. Amazing look dear, you look absolutely fabulous!

    visit me soon on

  4. Amazing look dear, you look absolutely fabulous!

    visit me soon on

  5. Intriguing set :) You look really stunning!:)

  6. Love the hair & make-up so much! Very nice look!


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