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Hi guys,
Yes, you won't escape me today either. But, trust me, it's worth it. This outfit is so non-conformist and daring and simply amazing. It couldn't be anything else with this amazing mix of high denim cutoffs with leather garter from StyleMoi and to be more "decent" in the top part, I matched this Mr.GUGU & Miss GO indian bell print sweater
Oh, you just can't imagine the result ! 
I'll leave you to check it out along with this awesome song :

What I wore:
- Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweater ( find it here)
- StyleMoi high denim shorts with hems ( find them here)
- Bershka boots
- New Look backpack

How do you feel about this look? I'm certainly that most of you are sceptical, but only the daring ones can wear this outfit. Attitude included. ^^
Come back tomorrow for another great look !


  1. I adore this outfit! So chic, and stylish, AND Edgy.... and you are so beautiful.
    I'd wear it, and I"m a guy..... dance major in the states, I regularly wear shorts and tights...... I love the top, and love the accessories........ never seen those before.........
    I already get loads of looks......for showing off my legs,...... so why not even go farther....
    You're a super inspiration to me.

    Jayme super Guy fan of fashion and dance from America.


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