Glamorous. That's the word of the day.
Hope you are all having a great week! I'm swamped from morning to night with the whole moving commotion and I barely have any time to myself. Nevertheless, I still want to try on new outfits, new looks, new styles. As you can imagine, today's ootd is one glam...yes, that would be the word to describe every single piece of clothing from Hedonia, a fabulous British brand that is simply AMAZING! 
The prices are the mirror of quality and design, brought in style on the online shopping platform.
The dress I'm wearing today is from them and I didn't even need to accessorise it too much cause it's already superbe ! 
I'll leave you to check out my outfit along with a cool song. The perfect fit, isn't it? 

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Primadonna sandals
- Very Simple handbag
- Zara sunnies

This is normally a dress for someone with a bigger bust, but the design is amazing and not to mention the fabric, that I took the risk to wear it! I think it still looks amazing even though I'm not so lucky in the bust area :)
What do you think?


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