Monday, July 20, 2015

Age of Adaline

Good morning cuties!
Early start to this here week and I cannot believe I'll have a few days off (well not from you, don't worry! - I don't consider my blog something to have a vacation from.) I can't wait to see my friends and just enjoy some sea and beach time ! 
I'll be sure to "report" live from Palma, so do follow me on Instagram to keep up with the updates ^^
But for now, I would totally love to try the whole two posts in one day thing. So, I would like to "drop off" my lovely outfit for this morning, featuring this amazing stripped dress from CNDirect !
I know that it may seem that the shoes don't really go with the bag, but I was looking to go out of the comfort zone and try something different.

What I wore:
- CNDirect dress ( find it here)
- Guess sandals
- Bag from a flea market

Can't wait to read all your opinions ^^
Thank you for stoping by and see you... tonight :D ! 


  1. very beautiful and lovely'
    new post :

  2. nice dress!

  3. amazing dress and look so chic and elegant

  4. Dress is amazing and perfect color :))

  5. Great post... I'm obsessed with this dress. The colours are just so pretty.
    Gorgeous photos.


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