Friday look

Hi guys,
Yeah, I know it's a bit early in the morning, but I've been awake for the last two hours sorting a delivery problem. I cannot believe how incompetent the Belgian mail service is ! It's not the first time they deliver a package at another address. And the "fun" part is that they said they didn't had an address for the package! LOL so if you don't have an address it's better to deliver to another random address, right? A pile of marrons if you ask me ! 
Anyway, returning to a less stressful part of today's post, I have a superbe dress from Vesper all styled up in a chic outfit that I would love to share with you ! The main thing I love about Vesper dresses is the fact that you can have great quality with great design that won't kill your pocket ! :)

What I wore:
- Vesper dress ( find it here)
- Zara sandals and sunnies
- River Island clutch 

I really hope you like this awesome look and don't hesitate to leave a comment with your honest opinion :)
Thank you for visiting the blog and "see" you tomorrow ^^
Yep, that's right, I'm now publishing on a daily basis; so a new outfit every single day ! :D


  1. gorgeous!
    those shoes make such a great statement

  2. Great! Thanks for sharing this. I read over the article and I really love all the things. By the way, could we get a chance to cooperate on SNS/Blog? We’ll pay $.

  3. Another great dress! Every day a new outfit.. that will be quite some work! Good luck! :)

    Also, these pics.. do you still take them by yourself?

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram


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