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Hi guys,
I'm starting early and fresh today ! Firstly I'll have some errands to run before I go on a little shopping spree to Holland and maybe I'll come back tonight with another outfit :D . Wouldn't that be cool? Having two outfit inspirations in one day? Lol, I'm feeling like an outfit factory here :))
But during the day I have so many ideas and not so much time to share them with you! I'm not promising, but I'll try to do another outfit post tonight when I get back ^^
So, this outfit is what I wore this morning while I was going nearby to buy some stuff for the house...nothing big, just some essentials. :)
That's why a comfy look is what I was going for ! 
My cute TOMTOP dress  is really light and I really like the cute design. Flower print and crochet. What's not to love?!
I'll let you discover how I've styled it up along with a cool summer song:

What I wore:
- TOMTOP dress ( find it here)
- Prada flats
- Blanco satchel
- Choies sunnies

I was looking for a summer look that is both comfortable and chic. I really hope that I've managed to achieve that :)


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