A day at the beach

Hi lovelies, 
Hope your week is going well… I'm now at home ( the home city in Romania that is). I've been on a little escape at the beach. You all know I just hate our beach, too many people, too much trash and misbehavior. Sure you can have just a beach with a lot of rich people full of themselves, but that's not for me either. So you can imagine how happy I was when I discovered Corbu beach which is incredible ! I totally love it ! Wild and fun, quiet and cool. I felt like a kid again…
Sure, on a more fashionable take of the situation, I had my beach essentials with me : my Triangl swimsuit and Coconut Anonymous beach towel. Now Triangl you know from my previous voyages. A great Australian brand with a big name upon the swimsuit industry. Chic and comfy ! 
Coconut Anonymus is a new brand of beach towels, made from 100% cotton, a catchy design from Ibiza and made in Portugal. I absolutely love my Leopard towel from them, not only for its magnificent quality, but for the fact that it's out of the ordinary , and you know how I love crazy things… 

What I wore:
- Triangl Brigitte Desert Dreams swimsuit ( find it here)
- Coconut Anonymous - Leopard beach towel ( find it here)
- Sacha sunnies
- Hat from a local shop

I hope you like the article, guys ! 
And if you're ever in Romania, instead of going to crowded beaches like Mamaia or Neptun, you can totally check out Corbu and Vadu… the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen in Romania <3


  1. love the first pic!


  2. I love your swimsuit, l love the pictures, I love your towel... and I must say: you have a beautiful body :) !


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