Beyond the Stars

Hello again,
Well, although it's late, I still wanted to share with you a really gorgeous outfit featuring my lovely dress from NewDress boutique which I turned into another fairytale look. I'm all into the dream world I think... Of course, a flower crown was mandatory ( it's actually a headband, but I won't tell if you don't :D ). The accessories bring a clean touch to the outfit, being discreet, like my beautiful ring from Kitsch ! 
I really do hope you'll like this beautiful dress and what an appearance it creates...

What I wore:
- New Dress dress ( find it here)
- Zara sandals
- Parfois clutch
- Kitsch beyond the stars ring ( find it here)

I can now go to bed happy and excited in waiting for your comments <3
Thank you for visiting my blog and "see" you tomorrow !



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  2. You do look amazing in that dreamy dress! :)

    Love those nails too! :)

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    Hoy... NUEVO POST EN MI BLOG! Los crop tops de crochet están a la orden del día, y son perfectos para la playa, ¡no te lo pierdas!
    Besos desde:


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