Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Hills

Hi guys,
Yet another sunny day here in Brussels and I couldn't be more happy to take out for a spin this gorgeous Megan midi dress from Hedonia. Now,  I know it may rise some controversy opinions because I added that bra. But you really have to take a look at the whole thing, accessories and all and I think it works. The only thing I would change it's the bra's color. 
I'm going to let you enjoy today's look along with this song I totally love:

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Christian Louboutin sandals
- New Look clutch

So, I really hope you like this look and I can't wait to read all your comments. :D
Thank you for visiting the blog and "see" you tomorrow <3!


  1. nice look!

  2. omg! amazing


  3. Chic simple white formal gown, you look amazing!


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