Hi guys,
Wow! This weather here is no joke. For the 1st of September, we already have like 100% fall weather; the whole pack: rain, wind, low temperatures...brr... I really don't like it at all even though I'm born in November. Luckily I have a few outfits from "last summer" to brighten the mood. :)
I really love how this look turned out, as I'm a big fan of this light purple color. My cute flow top comes from Marie& Frisco and I absolutely adore it! 
Hope you'll like the outfit at least as much as I do...

What I wore:
- Marie& Frisco top ( find it here)
- Zara skirt
- Asos shoes
- Romwe purse

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I do hope I'll "see" you around soon! :)
Stay tuned for a new outfit post tonight <3


  1. Gorgeous shoes!

    Have a lovely new month :)

  2. Gorgeous look and beautiful shoes.Love it.<3


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