Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Black Widow

Hi guys,
Even though I'm packed with stuff to do before my departure tomorrow, I just wanted to sit a bit and take a deep breath, relax a little. And what better way to relax than to share with you lovelies a new beautiful look? This one is a special "goodbye" look featuring my astonishing Antonio Maxi black dress from Hedonia. If you're looking for the perfect dress to wear for the holidays, well, look no more - this baby has it all - sexiness, quality and attire.

What I wore:
- Hedonia dress ( find it here)
- Mango sandals
- Romwe purse

So, what do you think about this daring look?
Would it be something you'd wear :)?


  1. I absolutely love this dress. Great post!


  2. You look so chic, the dress is beautiful !


  3. The dress is gorgeous, but I like these sandals more :)


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