Hi guys,
Oh, what a busy, busy day I had ! And it still is... It's 5pm and I didn't even had the chance to eat :(. While something nice is cooking on the stove, I thought I'd take advantage of this short time and share with you a gorgeous look ! I promise you'll simply ADORE this Red Check two piece from Vesper (than can be purchased also separately of course). 
I'll let you enjoy today's look, while I check the food :)

What I wore:
- Vesper cape ( find it here)
- Vesper skirt ( find it here)
- Bershka corset
- Moregan de Toi shoes 
- YSL clutch

Hope you like the look, guys! 
Can't wait to read all your comments :)
Until next time, I wish you a beautiful day ( or evening) !


  1. so chic!


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