Hi guys,
Hope your week is going well. We're super close to the weekend and although for me it won't be just fun and games, I still hope to put aside some savings for a vacation because I literally can't take it anymore. I feel like going into a depression. :/
My only moment when I relax is when I do my blog... That's why it brings me great pleasure to share with you a very comfy outfit for today, as I had so much stuff to do downtown, I needed something loose, yet cool. This sweater from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO is so cool - totally love it. :)
For a more retro vibe, I've added these awesome sunnies from FREYRS
Here's the result:

What I wore:
- Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweater ( find it here)
- Bershka messenger bag
- Zara Trf jeans
- Sacha Shoes sneakers 
- FREYRS sunnies

Really hope you like the look, guys!
I know it's not up-tight glam like last time, but changing styles is what I do :)


  1. Fantastic look :)

  2. interesting set and great sweater:)

  3. View of Morse here Jeff is over at Dom's you gonna start up with a good flow case going getting started good third company just a right to write left the left there are such as a spine pretty much Alpha XTRM ill in straight here keeping your body very long and lean an extended her chest is driving up so as she starts compensating maybe her head leans forward a little.

  4. perfect, love your handbag <3

  5. Amazing outfit :)
    Love your jumper
    xx Katha


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