Hi sweeties,
As you've probably heard on the news there's a level 4 alert regarding terrorists threats here in Brussels. It's so crazy we have to live these times. Fear is all upon the city, people's eyes are just filled with panic...But that's what terrorists want - to spread fear and terror. I acknowledge the threat it real, but we should stay strong and get on with our lives, show them that they're not winning, that we're not rats in a cage just waiting to be executed! 
That's why I wanted to continue and do my awesome outfit of the day today as well and will await you with a special look tonight as well! 
So, my casual comfy outfit consists of this cute grey jacket from Dressin that I've matched with an old asymmetric sweater from Romwe (that I have for quite awhile now), my Zara skirt and Lovelywholesale booties. For the accessory part I wanted  to keep it simple and I've just added this gorgeous bracelet from Naty Silver Jewelry .
This was the result:

What I wore:
- Dressin coat ( find it here)
- Zara skirt
- Lovelywholesale booties ( find them here)
- Romwe sweater
- Zara clutch
- Naty Silver Jewelry bracelet ( find it here)

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and I hope you all stay safe through these rough times! 

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  1. Que maravilla DE LOOK. Los botines son super originales. Un beso

    ¿Puede hacerme un favor? Puedes meterte en mi post y darle a la primera palabra en rojo que veas. Mil gracias!!

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