Just a Plein night

Hi guys,
Well I promised that I'll be back with an inside article of how glamorous the Plein party was last Friday, so here's the scoop. But first, let's see what I've wore to the party, thus combining my usual ootd post with the actual party moments.

What I wore:
- VOGOS cardigan ( find it here)
- Romwe pants
- Bershka corset
- H&M belt
- Zara shoes
- YSL clutch

So, I've been invited to the Philipp Plein store opening on the 6th and I must say that this was the most glamorous party I've ever been too! My YSL clutch faded to the "creme de la creme"people who were there. The big surprise was Philipp Plein himself coming to the event. I was rather socked to see that the man beside me who was in the camera lights was the designer that I've been reading about for quite some time now. The store is amazing and the items, although expensive for most people, are really unique ! 

Photos took at: Philipp Plein Antwerp
Schuttershofstraat 162000 Antwerpen 


  1. Beautiful classy as always :) I like it!


  2. Great edgy look!


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