Hello sweeties,
I'm back today with another outfit proposal, as usual. Although I know that Sunday it has become kinda of a tradition of sharing elegant looks, well, I did mine on Friday so I think I'll have a "one Sunday" pass today, right? :) That doesn't mean that this outfit isn't totally awesome ! 
I've matched my overalls from Dresslink (that I wore as pants), with my gorgeous bra from Handcrafted Bralette that I totally love ! And yes, I'm wearing again a hat. Seems like I'm wearing them a lot lately...but they're super cool so there!
Without further ado, here's today's look along with one of my fave songs from back in the time...:

What I wore:
- Dresslink overalls ( find them here and quick tip - take a size plus)
- Handcrafted Bralette bra ( their selection here)
- L.A.M.B. shoes
- Zara jacket and bag

Really hope you like the look lovelies ! 
Can't wait to be back tomorrow with another one :)


  1. wow that crop top is amazing!


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