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Hello sweeties,
I'm back a little late today.I had some things I needed to take care of with the holidays comin' our way. I know it's not even December, but I really like to have everything sorted out to welcome the holidays as it should.
For today I would like to bring an awesome look, inspired by the 70s featuring this beautiful skirt from Puppa Fashion, an original brand based in Slovenia, who brings a new flare to the fashion world. The best thing about them is that their clothes are handmade and the production is based on up-cycling, which means that they use existing materials and increase their value in the process. They do this in a unique way and with the use of specific techniques of sewing. You know how I love brands that are environmental friendly !
Each piece is created especially for the person who ordered it. Clothes will be delivered with a personalised label which includes the full name of the person and date of creation.
To the look I've added a pair of lovely tights from Tabbisocks  that I love so much ! 
Here is the result:

What I wore:
-  Romwe sweater
- Zara denim blouse
- Puppa Fashion skirt (find it here)
- Tabbisocks tights ( find them here)
- Zara sandals and bag

I also have for you all a discount code for Puppa Fashion, just enter Ruxandra when checking out and witness the magic :)


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