Hi guys,
Hope your week is going well. I'm still in Romania for a few days and although my friends beg me to stay here, I'll be back in Brussels on Thursday evening. Life must go on! It's all in God's hands - our fate, our health, our death. 
That being said, in my hands lays today's beautiful look ! :) I shoot the pictures a few days ago and I remember I loved so much this skirt from SheIn.. it goes so well with this lace blouse I have for awhile now. I won't spoil the surprise anymore and I'm inviting you to check out what I'm wearing for today:

What I wore:
- Mango blouse
- SheIn skirt ( find it here)
- Versace for H&M boots 
- Morgan de Toi wallet

Thank you all for all your support and messages in these harsh times. I am ok and with no fear whatsoever :) ! Show must go on <3


  1. You look cute! beautifully

  2. nice look!

  3. I love this outfit! That top is gorgeous and it all looks so good on you!! Enjoy your last days in Romania :)

    - Saskia

  4. Love the layered skirt and the laced up ankle booties!


  5. I love this look. It is perfect. It is a modern Victorian look!


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