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Hello sweeties,
Hope your holidays are going well. I just wanted to pop-by and share with you another cozy look. Of course, with the temperatures, this is more of an autumn look (late autumn). But still, it's very chic and stylish. I'm wearing my Romwe cable knit sweater with pockets that it's super cool and so easy to style. I've matched it with some skinny jeans and an old pair of booties from Mango.
I really hope you like the look and that you can be inspired to create your own.

What I wore:
- Romwe turtleneck sweater ( find it here)
- Mango jeans ( find a selection of skinny jeans here)
- Mango ankle boots ( similar ones here)
- New Look bag

Hope you like the look and don't forget to come by tomorrow for another cool look!


  1. You look great, fantastic styling

  2. Love this look dear!


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