Hi guys,
I was going to do my blog earlier today, but then I felt so tired. I just laid in bed for awhile so could better describe my excitement for this awesome GIVEAWAY I'm hosting on Instagram ! You'll have all the details below, at the end of this post :) - First stop, I would like to share a little insight on today's outfit composed of this awesome long knit sweater from Poppy Lovers that is so perfect for the weather, my AllhqFashion boots ( a great shop that sells very nice women boots), and this cute Choies lipstick purse that is like the cherry on top to this cool outfit :)
Enjoy ! <3

What I wore:
- Poppy Lovers sweater ( find it here)
- Choies purse ( find it here)
- Allqhfashion boots ( find them here)

And now for the exciting GIVEAWAY ! 
It's on Instagram and the rules are super simple and the prizes are super cool and lots of them, so get going and enter :

Join the GIVEAWAY - everything you need to know by clicking on the photo:
Instagram contest



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