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Hi sweeties,
As you know, I really like searching out cool items for the season(or month) and sharing them with you! This time, I've stopped over Sammydress. They really have affordable pieces, especially now that "baby it's cold outside" ! 
For this post, I would point out the jackets. For me, a jacket is mandatory during fall/winter ( and even spring), but for this winter I want something warm and at the same time chic. You have all types of jackets and coats, but for going out on a daily basis, that's the true jacket you're committing to!
Down below you have the jackets that I would like for this winter. 
-Like we say in Belgium - bien chaud! -
The three jackets can be found here (from left to right):

All the other items can also be find at Sammydress, but as this post was about outerwear, I didn't pay much attention to anything else, but how to style them - see? So easy and chic! Oh, and I would also like to send a big thumbs up for the Concise Women's Thigh High Boots With Chunky Heel - perfect boots!
Hope you like the article guys and that you find it useful in choosing something to wear for the cold outside !


  1. Chulisima selección. Me encanta la vaquera y la de pelo!

  2. Chulisima selección. Me encanta la vaquera y la de pelo!


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